Big Leak of GoPro Hero “5” Redesign Images Surface

by MarkHawkon September 11, 2016
A series of images posted by user mene96 on an Italian GoPro fan forums seems to show what the final design of a new GoPro Hero might look like and some things we can expect. Let’s go over a few of those things. The front of this unit doesn’t appear to have a number model […]

Drift Ghost 4K Brings Stabilization, Modular Add-Ons, and Wealth of Updates

by MarkHawkon September 3, 2016
Drift is set to launch the Ghost 4K soon with a good list of new features. The newer model is designed to deliver better resolutions and frame rate options including 4k at 30fps, 2k at 60fps, and 1080p 120fps. One of the more interesting designs is the cameras ability to take advantage of modular additions. […]

DJI’s OSMO Mobile is a Smart Gimbal Tied to your Phone

by MarkHawkon September 3, 2016
DJI has announced and released the OSMO Mobile. Launching Sept 1st for $299.99, the gimbal mounts your smartphone and pair itself with the DJI Go app to help capture, smooth out, and guide your cameras shot. There are aspects to the OSMO mobile that I like. The ability to help track subjects automatically in your shots […]

GoPro Hero5, Karma, and Stabilizer Images Leak Ahead Conference

by MarkHawkon September 3, 2016
Product images leaked out of GoPro’s official Italian and French sites late last night. The pictures of the products before being taken down revealed the new body design of the Hero5, a nearly identical Hero Session, The Karma Quad-Copter, and a handheld three access stabilizer. GoPro is set to unveil the GoPro Karama in more detail on […]


LG’s New LTE 4G Action LifeStyle Streaming Camera Has Me Worried

by MarkHawkon May 17, 2016
LG announced plans for a new 4G streaming capable action camera last week that has me a bit concerned, though maybe not for reasons you’d expect. The new LG LTE Action Camera sets out to be one of the first action cameras you can take out and live stream from without pairing to a your […]

GoPro’s Karma Drone Delayed Till Winter 2016

by MarkHawkon May 17, 2016
GoPro had an earnings call on May 5th that delivered a bulk of disappointing/uninteresting news. The biggest to me was the delay of the GoPro Drone named the Karma. The earnings call goes onto talk about a giant profit loss compared to this time last year. Personally I feel this has to do with most serious users […]


Drift Innovation Announces The COMPASS Life Camera

by MarkHawkon May 6, 2016
It’s not enough to have a good camera these days. You have to have a solution to life. Drift Innovation hasn’t announced a new camera in quite sometime. Originally known for having a durable camera with beefy battery life and above par image quality, Drift has taken a different approach to yearly innovations. In the […]

GoPro’s Complete 360 Omni Rig Bundle Priced at $4,999.99 (1,499.99 for Rig Only) Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

by MarkHawkon April 17, 2016
GoPro’s all in one, user friendliest, safest bet for VR 360 rig got priced and dated today.  The setup will launch 2 bundles. The main all in one bundle which comes with 6 GoPro Hero4 Black’s, GoPro’s Kolor Software, memory cards, and cables. Pretty much everything you need to film out of the box for […]

MHC Inspiration #001

by MarkHawkon March 4, 2016
Get Inspired Every 1st Friday! What’s up everyone! This week we are introducing a new monthly series, MHC Inspiration. It’s a series about you, me, and everything that inspires us. This could be spiritually, creatively, or jaw droppingly awesome… Basically if you can get an LY at the end of your inspirational feeling, there is a good chance […]
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