Yi 4K Review – 4K Action Camera +Tons of Location Footage

by MarkHawkon July 1, 2016
This is it… after weeks of testing the Yi Technologies Yi 4K Action Camera, at dozens of locations, filling countless micro sd cards with 4K footage, and cover all the feature it can do… We finally have our Yi 4K Review Done. This video covers nearly everything you’d basically want to know about the Yi […]

Sony HDR-AS50 Review: All Questions Answered

by MarkHawkon February 27, 2016
Establishing Sony’s foundation on where they see the bare minimum in acceptable Action Camera quality.

Best Action Cameras of 2015/2016

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
There are more Action Cameras out this season then any other year. Each one has their strengths and weakness. Here we take a years worth of reviewing cameras and narrow down the list to what cameras you should consider for 2015/2016. See a camera that’s perfect for you but want to know more about it? Awesome! […]

AMKOV-5000S SportsCam Review

by MarkHawkon December 3, 2015
Strong specs, soft Images, and stranger frame rates… Our review of the AMKOV-5000S SportsCam.   Information about purchasing and more can be found through AMKOV here: Official website: Purchase:… (I make no income/profit off any links listed above) Please like and help me share these videos 😀 It’s a huge help in how our […]

REVIEW: DJI Osmo – All Aspects Review w/Spectacular Location Footage

by MarkHawkon November 6, 2015
DJI’s new OSMO is finally out and featuring a lot to cover. This lengthy review might seem like but much but we break down every section so it’s easy see what the DJI Osmo is capable of. We tackle the 4K video quality, the low light performance, the hardware, DJIGo app, audio, slow motion, and […]

Garmin VIRB-XE Review

by MarkHawkon August 24, 2015
My final take on the Garmin VIRB-XE. The VIRB XE action camera shoots rich, high-definition, wide-angle footage at 1080p60, 12 megapixel photos at up to 30 frames per second, and captures more of your action. Designed for the toughest environments, VIRB XE is able to dive to 50 meter depths without a case, allowing capture […]

Quicklook GoPro Hero+ with LCD

by MarkHawkon June 20, 2015
Our review and Quicklook for the GoPro Hero+ LCD is finally complete. There is a ton here to go over. Some of the topics we cover are video quality, audio quality, battery life,  wifi, hardware, specs, features, and more. We also go over briefly compare it to the GoPro Hero, the late 2014 budget end […]

Quicklook Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Our review for the exciting Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is finally complete. There is a ton here to go over. Some of the topics we cover are video quality from day-night, how fps effect video quality, wifi, battery life, hardware, specs, photos, and more. We also go over briefly how and why the Yi is […]

Quicklook Amkov AMK-5000 SportsCam (Review)

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Sure there are cameras out there that cost you a weeks pay. But what about the ones that you can get on a budget? Today we are changing up the format with our review and Quicklook of the Amkov AMK-5000 SportsCam. (I make no money off you clicking these links) The AMK-5000was supplied from the […]