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GoPro Hero8 and GoPro Hero Max Conference Teaser

by MarkHawkon September 19, 2019
Don’t take this as a sign of me returning to the comparison train but do take this as me boarding the Hype train. I’m anticipating the announcement of at least two new GoPro Cameras, the GoPro Hero8 and The GoPro Hero Max (successor to the GoPro Fusion from 2017). The conference will be held HERE Oct 1st 2019, […]

Big Leak of GoPro Hero “5” Redesign Images Surface

by MarkHawkon September 11, 2016
A series of images posted by user mene96 on an Italian GoPro fan forums seems to show what the final design of a new GoPro Hero might look like and some things we can expect. Let’s go over a few of those things. The front of this unit doesn’t appear to have a number model […]


GoPro’s Complete 360 Omni Rig Bundle Priced at $4,999.99 (1,499.99 for Rig Only) Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

by MarkHawkon April 17, 2016
GoPro’s all in one, user friendliest, safest bet for VR 360 rig got priced and dated today.  The setup will launch 2 bundles. The main all in one bundle which comes with 6 GoPro Hero4 Black’s, GoPro’s Kolor Software, memory cards, and cables. Pretty much everything you need to film out of the box for […]
CES GoPro Booth 2016

GoPro Unveils Omni, the name of their consumer spherical rig

by MarkHawkon February 3, 2016
GoPro unveiled the name of their in development consumer VR rig today. The rig is called the Omni and will position up to 6 GoPro’s for Hero3’s, Hero3+’s, or Hero4’s, and future GoPro cameras. The rig is designed to film 6 synced cameras that are later stitched together to create spherical perspective. The final file/footage […]

Quicklook/Review: NEOpine’s GoPro Snorkel Mask (NDM-1)

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
I’m terrified of water but I can’t wait for the weather to warm up or find a heated pool to try out NEOpine’s GoPro full face snorkel mask some more 😀 (NDM-1) (Using this link will help support MarkHawkCam) Check Out the NEOpine Link here: Please like and help me share these videos 😀 […]

Sony HDR-AS200V vs GoPro Hero+ LCD

by MarkHawkon November 13, 2015
Very little is missing from out full side by side of these two ActionCams Raw Image Link: Please help support this channel by using these links: —————————————-­—————————————-­———— Sony HDR-AS200V: GoPro Hero+ LCD: Micro SD Card suggestions ———————&#...

Budget GoPro Face Off: GoPro Hero+ LCD vs Hero+ vs Hero

by MarkHawkon November 11, 2015
Taking a look at which of the three entry level GoPro’s is right for you this holiday season. RAW Images:… Please help support this channel by using these links: —————————————-­—————————————-­———— GoPro Hero: GoPro Hero+: http://amzn...
GoPro Hero+

Is This The Last New GoPro Hero Camera For 2015? Probably…

by MarkHawkon September 28, 2015
GoPro unveiled what might be their last new camera of 2015, the new GoPro Hero+. If this doesn’t sound new to you, maybe you’re confused like I was at first. This isn’t to be confused with the Hero+ LCD released this summer or the GoPro Hero, the budget action cam that launched alongside the Hero4 […]

GoPro Hero+ vs GoPro Hero Side By Side HD

by MarkHawkon June 25, 2015
Putting the Gopro Hero+ (2015 with LCD) up against the GoPro Hero from 2014. We compare battery life, features, video quality, audio quality, day to night, specs, and even more. There is a lot here including Photos and my voice. So lets get to it.