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GoPro Hero5 Black, Heor5 Session, Karma, and Quik Apps Unvailed

by on September 20, 2016

We’ll have a video up soon going over everything from GoPro’s Conference earlier this week. In the mean time here is a summary of what was announced.

GoPro Hero5 Black – $399
Features most of the same video options as the Hero4 Black (4k 30fps, 2.7k 60fps, 1080p 120fps) but sports a 2 inch LCD, waterproof without a case up to 30 feet, digital image stabilization, gps, 7 language voice activation, stereo mic, quick charging, and 12MP RAW photos options. Oh and the battery is 1220 mAh’s and they might have removed the super wide fisheye look by default.



GoPro Hero5 Session – $299
Features lots of new video options including 4k at 60fps and 1080p at 90fps. Also shares a lot of the same features including digital stabilization, GPS, 7 language voice activation, quick charging, and 10MP photos. The battery is the same 1000mAh design.


GoPro Karma
The GoPro Karma drone is both really exciting and missing a lot of features you’d hoped would be standard. It’s still exciting though and we’ll get more into that during our video. For now the basics.
The Karma works in conjunction with existing GoPro Hero4/5 cameras. The camera and gimbal are located at the nose of the aircraft rather than the bottom to allow for a slimmer design All four arms and legs fold to help make it appear to be one of the easier drones to travel with. It doesn’t feature obstacle avoidance or object tracking though it was mentioned in interviews that tracking might be added on later. Auto takeoff, land, return home, and pre-programed moves are built in. The flight time is 20 mins and you’ll be looking at $99 for spare 5500mAh batteries. The Karma also allows you to detach the gimbal from the drone and attach it to a powered grip for a fully motorized gimbal. The gimbal also features standard GoPro mounts making it easy to attach to helmets and backpacks for smoother adventure recording.


The receiver that controls the drone is more like a game controller with thicker thumbsticks that should be easier to handle for new users. A built-in touchscreen also means you won’t need an expensive phone or tablet nearby to start flying. All these items fit into a included backpack for you easily pack and bring with you on most trips.


Compatible with the Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session (in spring 2017), and Hero4 series (specifics coming soon).

$799 it comes with NO CAMERA, the drone, the gimbal, the handle, remote, charger, case, 6 props, the attachment for the grip to mount on standard mounts, and carrying case. This bundle is if you own a Hero4 Silver/Black or you bought the Hero5 Black early.

$999 it comes with the Hero5 Session, the drone, the gimbal, the handle, remote, charger, case, 6 props, the attachment for the grip to mount on standard mounts, and carrying case.

$1099 it comes with the Hero5 Black, the drone, the gimbal, the handle, remote, charger, case, 6 props, the attachment for the grip to mount on standard mounts, and carrying case.


The software aspect of this conference was what I was looking forward to the most. It’s a little confusing but the summary is, the “Quik” App for desktops and mobile phones will help you quickly make edits of your daily adventures with just a few clicks. You can use provide tunes, themes, or music locally on your device to quickly throw together an edit. I’m unsure how a lot of this works in use but it seems especially useful from a mobile perspective. The “Quik Key” is a micro sd card to phone dongle to help get your daily adventures edited on the car ride home for an additional $30.



There is also “GoPro Plus” which is a premium user / cloud based service. Users will not only get access to exclusive apparel but also auto upload 1080p versions of all footage (even if shot in 4k) shot with the camera. This seems like a good way to auto-backup shots while on vacation just in case something happens to the camera before you make it home.

There is a lot more to discuss. We’ll be possibly teaming up with some folks to go over all of the this and Nick Woodman’s presentation in video form hopefully by Thursday.

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