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GoPro Hero8 and GoPro Hero Max Conference Teaser

by on September 19, 2019

Don’t take this as a sign of me returning to the comparison train but do take this as me boarding the Hype train. I’m anticipating the announcement of at least two new GoPro Cameras, the GoPro Hero8 and The GoPro Hero Max (successor to the GoPro Fusion from 2017). The conference will be held HERE Oct 1st 2019, right as I am getting onto a plane for my first trip to Maui! So I’ll miss the conference and a chance to film with the camera in Hawaii, but I’m still excited, if not a little sad about the timing… but I knew better.


A bit has leaked out about these cameras so far. Rumors of 4k 60fps, 60fps HD modes for the Hero Max, and a cool little mounting rigs that will fit around the body of the Hero8. The Hero Max also appears to be much smaller then it’s predecessor the Hero Fusion. I loved my time with the Fusion but it required a bit more energy and knowledge to throw together an interesting adventure video. Once you got on board with it though it was hard to not want the options in your back pocket. Provided you had two sd cards, a lot of time to process footage, some Adobe Premiere knowledge, and one of Abe’s guides to get you there. One thing that I saw improved was GoPro’s Studio software. It’s ability to help start or even complete little edits for you was almost everything I wanted in their software 3-4 years ago. It wasn’t quite there for the Fusion but eh, it wasn’t far off and that was over a year ago. I’m hoping GoPro studio goes beyond just accepting GoPro footage. I hope it’ll let me throw together my DSLR footage, my phone footage, and my GoPro footage to quickly start or auto-generate a full-on video using provided royalty-free music (which it already does) and using my music (which is also already does).

Anyway, get hyped. I want GoPro to stick around. DJI and Yi feel like the only ones still in competition with GoPro but then again, so is every other high-end phone manufacturer. (Sony has transitioned and Garmin feels MIA) I like what they are doing, what they support, and how they continue to stay passionate about this adventure lifestyle. I don’t want them to vanish like the Karma or Hero Session. (Man, bring back a new Session camera every three years!). So I’ll support things like the Max where I can because I like the company and drive behind it. Check out the teaser trailer and if you want, check out my GoPro Fusion Adventure here.

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