GoPro’s Announcing New Developer Program

by MarkHawkon April 17, 2016
GoPro announced it’s developer program which had been whispered to be going on for the past year. The video showcases a lot of accessories focused at specific users or potential use for existing GoPro owners in certain scenarios. I’m not sure how this will affect the bulk of GoPro users but it isn’t a negative if […]

Jeremy Sciarappa Tests Out At The REMOVU A1+M1

by MarkHawkon November 15, 2015
Jeremy Sciarappa tests out the REMOVU A1+M1 a new Bluetooth and microphone system for the GoPro Hero4, You can see more Action Cameras, Blogs, and 360 videos from Jeremy over at his channel over on YouTube Here REMOVU A1+M1 will be released shortly for roughly $99.99

Quicklook GPCcases DJI Phantom 3 Limited Edition Backpack

by MarkHawkon July 7, 2015
We are taking a Quicklook at GoProfessional's new DJI Phantom 3 Limited Edition 5.11 72 Rush Weatherproof backpack. We tested it out in the field for a few days loading it to about 2/3 capacity and did roughly 8 miles over 2 days. [...]

Quicklook and Review PolarPro PowerPole

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Quicklook and Review PolarPro Power Pole 1 pound 8 oz Shock Proof Splash proof Not water proof Retails $129.99…  

Quicklook GoPro Hero4 Dual Battery Charger

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Quicklook GoPro Hero4 Dual Battery Charger the fastest way to get your batteries charged and back in use. Works with GoPro official batteries along with 3rd party batteries such as Wasabi and Smartees. Battery included is a 1160mH battery. This Dual Battery Charger can only currently charge the Hero4 format battery. **Please help me share […]

Quicklook at GoPro’s The Tool and The Handler

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
We take a look at the coolest little add on since the GoPro Quick Clip. Yes that’s right, the GoPro “The Tool”!!! I know it’s out and it comes bundled with some goodies like the GoPro Handler and some string. It’s all cool and maybe I’m not completly over playing how much I like having […]

Quicklook GoPro’s 3-Way Mount

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Quicklook first thoughts on GoPro’s new 3-Way Mount. – **Please help me share these videos** I put a lot of personal time into each video and answering questions. The one area I’d greatly appreciate help sharing and linking to my videos. Views, Likes, and Subscribes are what really help me in getting more videos uploaded […]

Quicklook GoPro Sportsman Mount

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
We take a Quicklook at GoPro’s new premium Sportsman mount. Designed for a variety mounting options, this mount focus’s on getting the camera into a weapons perspective. Subscribe and stay tuned for our next video with test footage. Mount your GoPro to guns, fishing rods and bows. This versatile mount is compatible with most shotguns1, […]

Feeding with Dolphins – Sony HDR-AS100 MPK-AS3 Flat Lens

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
After a long pilot season which consisted of not 1 but 5 90+ work weeks back to back, it was time for some R&R. Not just any R&R… I needed a vacation. So join us weekend on a weekend getaway to Catalina Island! Where I finally got some time to put into the Sony HDR […]