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GoPro Teases Karma Again With Shot Of Drone In Action

by MarkHawkon September 15, 2016
How big is the Karam going to be? How loud? Is the mic actually able to isolate out the prop noises? We’ll find out on the 19th but in the meantime, we can catch a quick glimpse of the Karma at the end of this 20-second tease. Here is a still of what has to be […]

Big Leak of GoPro Hero “5” Redesign Images Surface

by MarkHawkon September 11, 2016
A series of images posted by user mene96 on an Italian GoPro fan forums seems to show what the final design of a new GoPro Hero might look like and some things we can expect. Let’s go over a few of those things. The front of this unit doesn’t appear to have a number model […]


GoPro Hero5, Karma, and Stabilizer Images Leak Ahead Conference

by MarkHawkon September 3, 2016
Product images leaked out of GoPro’s official Italian and French sites late last night. The pictures of the products before being taken down revealed the new body design of the Hero5, a nearly identical Hero Session, The Karma Quad-Copter, and a handheld three access stabilizer. GoPro is set to unveil the GoPro Karama in more detail on […]

GoPro’s Complete 360 Omni Rig Bundle Priced at $4,999.99 (1,499.99 for Rig Only) Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

by MarkHawkon April 17, 2016
GoPro’s all in one, user friendliest, safest bet for VR 360 rig got priced and dated today.  The setup will launch 2 bundles. The main all in one bundle which comes with 6 GoPro Hero4 Black’s, GoPro’s Kolor Software, memory cards, and cables. Pretty much everything you need to film out of the box for […]

GoPro’s Announcing New Developer Program

by MarkHawkon April 17, 2016
GoPro announced it’s developer program which had been whispered to be going on for the past year. The video showcases a lot of accessories focused at specific users or potential use for existing GoPro owners in certain scenarios. I’m not sure how this will affect the bulk of GoPro users but it isn’t a negative if […]

GoPro Launches New Desktop App

by MarkHawkon March 3, 2016
GoPro launched the app companion for their studio software earlier today. GoPro Desktop is a new app designed to help get your footage off the camera and into a shareable medium for your friends. It doesn’t seem to have all the features GoPro’s CEO teased early last month but it does offer some good core […]

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Nick Woodman CEO of GoPro confirms GoPro Hero5 launch by name, Omni & Karma Summer 2016 launch, new software, and more!

by MarkHawkon February 4, 2016
Nick Woodman CEO of GoPro had an earnings report earlier today where he went over some of the projected sales figures for 2016, recent layoffs, and upcoming discounts. The Hero, Hero+, and Hero+ LCD will all be discounted to make way for some new restructuring on how the cameras are presented to the public. Going […]
CES GoPro Booth 2016

GoPro Unveils Omni, the name of their consumer spherical rig

by MarkHawkon February 3, 2016
GoPro unveiled the name of their in development consumer VR rig today. The rig is called the Omni and will position up to 6 GoPro’s for Hero3’s, Hero3+’s, or Hero4’s, and future GoPro cameras. The rig is designed to film 6 synced cameras that are later stitched together to create spherical perspective. The final file/footage […]

Sony HDR-AS200V vs GoPro Hero+ LCD

by MarkHawkon November 13, 2015
Very little is missing from out full side by side of these two ActionCams Raw Image Link: Please help support this channel by using these links: —————————————-­—————————————-­———— Sony HDR-AS200V: GoPro Hero+ LCD: Micro SD Card suggestions ———————&#...