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Quicklook Amkov AMK-5000 SportsCam (Review)

by on June 9, 2015
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Sure there are cameras out there that cost you a weeks pay. But what about the ones that you can get on a budget? Today we are changing up the format with our review and Quicklook of the Amkov AMK-5000 SportsCam.

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The AMK-5000was supplied from the team over at who sent over a unit for to check out.

(Code and price updates)
Use Coupon code (AMKRSRX) to drop the price of AMK5000 down to $76.99 (Expires June 1st)…

You can also check out all the other Action Cameras they offer here There are some cool ones you might not have heard of. I suggest looking at the XiaoMi Yi…

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March 2015

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