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GoPro’s Karma Drone Delayed Till Winter 2016

by on May 17, 2016

GoPro had an earnings call on May 5th that delivered a bulk of disappointing/uninteresting news. The biggest to me was the delay of the GoPro Drone named the KarmaThe earnings call goes onto talk about a giant profit loss compared to this time last year. Personally I feel this has to do with most serious users waiting for the next Hero5 line of cameras and GoPro’s staggered and poor mid tier launched in 2015.

I hope the Karma is cool and friendly when it comes out later this year. I feel like a lot of pressure is riding on it and the Omni 360 rig but hopefully the Hero5 relieves some of that pressure this summer.

GoPro Earnings Report

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  • Hemsford Mandela
    August 2, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Well, I was all set to buy a GoPro until I saw the comparison videos between them and the Yi 4K. It’s not just the money either, though saving 250 bucks is pretty wicked :) I checked out the Yi site and they compared the Hero 4 Black against their 4K and the numbers were all in the 4K’s favor, including more updated components. Add in the rear touch screen, longer battery life, stability mode and no overheating problems and the 4K sells itself…even without the lower price. GoPro’s going to have to really step it up with the 5’s or find themselves primarily selling accessories for other manufacturer’s cameras.


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