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Yi Technologie’s Erida 4K Tri-copter Drone

by MarkHawkon September 1, 2016
Yi Technologies teased the release of their tri-copter drone. The drone features the Yi 4K mounted on a 3-axis gimbal along with 40 minute flight time, speeds up to 75mph, and an entirely carbon frame. Yi is designing the Erida to be a straightforward and easy to use drone at a competitive price. We can expect […]

Yi 4K Review – 4K Action Camera +Tons of Location Footage

by MarkHawkon July 1, 2016
This is it… after weeks of testing the Yi Technologies Yi 4K Action Camera, at dozens of locations, filling countless micro sd cards with 4K footage, and cover all the feature it can do… We finally have our Yi 4K Review Done. This video covers nearly everything you’d basically want to know about the Yi […]

Yi 4K – Rollercoaster Ride In 4K

by MarkHawkon June 29, 2016
Yi 4K Rollercoaster Ride (4K) at California of Adventure Disney Land. (3840×2160 at 30fps) (Camera was provided by Yi Technologies for testing and feedback.) List of Cameras: (help fund this channel by using these referral links to purchase, donating to MarkHawkCam through Patreon, or donating to Google Wallet off the main channel page) List of […]

Best Action Cameras of 2015/2016

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
There are more Action Cameras out this season then any other year. Each one has their strengths and weakness. Here we take a years worth of reviewing cameras and narrow down the list to what cameras you should consider for 2015/2016. See a camera that’s perfect for you but want to know more about it? Awesome! […]

Quicklook PolarPro’s NoShow Extension Pole (HD

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
Who wants a flat angle shot with their arm in it? Our review of Polar Pro’s NoShow extension arm. Link to Amazon listing: Link to listing:…

GoPro Hero4 Session vs Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

by MarkHawkon September 10, 2015
Take a look at the GoPro Hero4 Session vs Xiaomi Yi Action Camera at Santa Monica Pier 😀 Fully voice over guided experiences at all the differences between these two cameras. See the differences in Daylight, Low Light, Underwater, Slow Motion, and more at some spectacular locations you might recognize from GTAV. (RAW Photo Link) […]

Xiaomi Yi vs GoPro Hero4 Silver vs GoPro Hero Side By Side HD

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
This video has the Xiaomi Yi vs GoPro Hero4 Silver vs GoPro Hero (the more basic model released in late 2014) around southern Los Angeles. We go over various resolution options, frame rates, audio, photography, and more. There is a lot to cover here but we mainly focus on video quality unless otherwise worked into […]

Quicklook Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Our review for the exciting Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is finally complete. There is a ton here to go over. Some of the topics we cover are video quality from day-night, how fps effect video quality, wifi, battery life, hardware, specs, photos, and more. We also go over briefly how and why the Yi is […]

Xiaomi Yi English App Install – Firmware Update – Easy Setup Guide

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Xiaomi Yi is an exciting camera from China that has some high end features at a low end price. However the setup process for anyone who doesn’t speak Mandarin might have a difficult time getting it setup. This video covers one of that way you can go about installing a english translated version of the […]