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TomTom Bandit Battery Life (2.7k, 1080p, 30fps, and 60fps) (HD)

by MarkHawkon September 5, 2015
TomTom Bandit has 1900mAh battery but how much time on the mountain does that get you? Find out here! Actually I can just type it up I guess. 2.7k 30fps 01H 53m 1080p 30fps 02H 35MINS 1080p 60fps 02H 06MINS Please help support this channel by using these links: —————————————-­—————————————-­———— TomTom Bandit: Mi...

RAW Footage TomTom Bandit Quicklook Part 03

by MarkHawkon September 5, 2015
RAW Footage from the TomTom Bandit Quicklook. We travel to Big Bear Lakes over near Snow Summit where we are caught right in the middle of a huge forest fire. Watch as CalFir and San Bernardino rush to stop the flames from reaching lodges with helicopter bucket drops and pink mists from aerial drops. It’s […]