Best Action Cameras of 2015/2016

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
There are more Action Cameras out this season then any other year. Each one has their strengths and weakness. Here we take a years worth of reviewing cameras and narrow down the list to what cameras you should consider for 2015/2016. See a camera that’s perfect for you but want to know more about it? Awesome! […]

Quicklook PolarPro’s NoShow Extension Pole (HD

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
Who wants a flat angle shot with their arm in it? Our review of Polar Pro’s NoShow extension arm. Link to Amazon listing: Link to listing:…

Quicklook: Polar Pro Phantom 3 Gimbal Lock

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
Does PolarPro’s Phantom 3 Gimbal Lock hold up to our back pack test? Amazon link:

REVIEW: DJI Osmo – All Aspects Review w/Spectacular Location Footage

by MarkHawkon November 6, 2015
DJI’s new OSMO is finally out and featuring a lot to cover. This lengthy review might seem like but much but we break down every section so it’s easy see what the DJI Osmo is capable of. We tackle the 4K video quality, the low light performance, the hardware, DJIGo app, audio, slow motion, and […]