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GoPro Teases Karma Again With Shot Of Drone In Action

by MarkHawkon September 15, 2016
How big is the Karam going to be? How loud? Is the mic actually able to isolate out the prop noises? We’ll find out on the 19th but in the meantime, we can catch a quick glimpse of the Karma at the end of this 20-second tease. Here is a still of what has to be […]

Sony HDR-AS50 vs HDR-AZ1 : All Aspects Comparison

by MarkHawkon April 17, 2016
Side by side comparison with Sony’s HDR-AS50 up against the former mid tier model from 2015 the HDR-AZ1. RAW Photo/Video Link: Sony AS50 Detail Spec Sheet (better then manual 😉 ): Sony AZ1 Detail Spec Sheet List of Cameras: (help fund this channel by using these referral links to purchase, donating to […]