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Best Action Cameras of 2015/2016

by MarkHawkon December 11, 2015
There are more Action Cameras out this season then any other year. Each one has their strengths and weakness. Here we take a years worth of reviewing cameras and narrow down the list to what cameras you should consider for 2015/2016. See a camera that’s perfect for you but want to know more about it? Awesome! […]

Sony HDR-AS200V vs GoPro Hero+ LCD

by MarkHawkon November 13, 2015
Very little is missing from out full side by side of these two ActionCams Raw Image Link: Please help support this channel by using these links: —————————————-­—————————————-­———— Sony HDR-AS200V: GoPro Hero+ LCD: Micro SD Card suggestions ———————&#...

Budget GoPro Face Off: GoPro Hero+ LCD vs Hero+ vs Hero

by MarkHawkon November 11, 2015
Taking a look at which of the three entry level GoPro’s is right for you this holiday season. RAW Images:… Please help support this channel by using these links: —————————————-­—————————————-­———— GoPro Hero: GoPro Hero+: http://amzn...
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Is This The Last New GoPro Hero Camera For 2015? Probably…

by MarkHawkon September 28, 2015
GoPro unveiled what might be their last new camera of 2015, the new GoPro Hero+. If this doesn’t sound new to you, maybe you’re confused like I was at first. This isn’t to be confused with the Hero+ LCD released this summer or the GoPro Hero, the budget action cam that launched alongside the Hero4 […]