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GoPro Teases Karma Again With Shot Of Drone In Action

by MarkHawkon September 15, 2016
How big is the Karam going to be? How loud? Is the mic actually able to isolate out the prop noises? We’ll find out on the 19th but in the meantime, we can catch a quick glimpse of the Karma at the end of this 20-second tease. Here is a still of what has to be […]

GoPro Hero5, Karma, and Stabilizer Images Leak Ahead Conference

by MarkHawkon September 3, 2016
Product images leaked out of GoPro’s official Italian and French sites late last night. The pictures of the products before being taken down revealed the new body design of the Hero5, a nearly identical Hero Session, The Karma Quad-Copter, and a handheld three access stabilizer. GoPro is set to unveil the GoPro Karama in more detail on […]

GoPro Karma Details Set To Unveil Sept 19th

by MarkHawkon September 1, 2016
GoPro released a video teasing the first public unveiling of the GoPro Karma. Hopefully, we’ll finally know everything and more about the GoPro Karma on September 19th, 2016.

DJI’s Phantom 4 is coming… and of course I want one

by MarkHawkon March 1, 2016
DJI Announced the Phantom 4 today. Good news it’s autonomous flying seems really good and useful. Bad news is none of your old batteries will work (but come on… they never do). Check out the promo video. Does a good job going over all the new features.

GoPro Releases Footage From Their First Prototype Quadcopter

by MarkHawkon October 28, 2015
Earlier this year GoPro announced they were working on their own Quadcopter drone, complete of course with a Hero4 level of quality camera. Today GoPro gave us our first look at what we can expect from the GoPro first eve aerial drone. The footage showcases it’s stabilization and most importantly it’s image quality. It’s missing […]

Drone Over Fire Department Christmas Parade : 1 Minute Adventure #7 HD

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
Every year in my home town of Middle Island, our fire department puts on a huge parade, It drives around a good portion of the entire town putting on a large and creative Christmas parade. I looked forward to it every year growing up and it’s one of the things I miss so much now […]

GoPro Hero4 SILVER vs GoPro Hero3+ BLACK HD

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
We take a less then Quicklook at the visual quality difference between the new GoPro Hero4 Silver, againt the GoPro Hero3+ Black. We put these cameras head to head to see how they handle in day light, low light, and night conditions across several resolutions such as 2.7k and reaching up to 60fps. We also […]

Drone Strike: The Event that changed a BBQ 1 Minute Adventures #003

by MarkHawkon June 9, 2015
A short little video I put together for a BBQ I attended during my month of training with the DJI Phantom 2. It was also one of our earlier attempts at putting together a fast edit with the new Gopro Studio 2.01. Been curious to what sort of control you have with GoPro Studio 2.01 […]